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Zach Crider

Zach Crider is among only about 1 percent of people who survive internal decapitation. “I keep telling people it’s not something you strive to accomplish but it’s something now I’m glad I did accomplish,” he told Florida Weekly a little more than four months after he and his dad were in a near-fatal car wreck, on a Saturday morning in March of 2016. They were out on SR 80 headed to a Tractor Supply store not long after Mr. Crider’s 18th birthday. He thought the whole thing was a joke when he first woke up a few weeks later at Lee Memorial Hospital’s trauma center, but internal decapitation, when the skull becomes disconnected from the spine, was only one in a long list of injuries. He had numerous complications, including an infection and a collapsed lung, on the way to recovery. Still, he was determined to graduate with his class at Lehigh Senior High School. And in June, he did.

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