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“Territoria” by Edgardo Carmona

Colombian artist Edgardo Carmona’s larger than life iron sculptures set up throughout downtown Fort Myers, a 23-piece exhibit on sidewalks and street corners called “Allure Your Senses,” have delighted passersby now for more than a year with their bighearted whimsical humanity. Maybe none, though, is quite as human and has brought so much joy to so many, than the man with his fly unzipped, dick in hand, taking a leak on a lamppost while his happy hound dog does the same. They look like they probably just shared a couple of pitchers of beer at the Indigo Room and hey, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. So have another beer and make a toast to the BEST pissing contest in town, “Territorio,” on Main and Hendry streets.

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