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Why mango season, of course, providing the sweetest, most joyful resistance to the sweat-soaked, rain-scoured subtropical summer, stretching roughly from May to October. Mangos are everywhere: hung over sidewalks or lawns, bending their branches like huge tree ornaments in the groves, flattened by cars on narrow neighborhood streets, and every one of them a promise that the world can be luscious. Pine Island lies at the heart of mango season, with a two-day MangoMania festival in mid-July and a world of mangoes, something on the order of 35 varieties or so for sample and sale. Among them are such names as Alphonso, Bailey’s Marvel, Bombay (suggesting the 4,000-year-old history of the fruit originating in India), Cogshell, Fairchild, Florigon, Gold Nugget, Ice Cream, Jakarta, Kent, Okrun, Po Pyu Kalay, Tebow, Tommy Atkins and Zill, among many others.

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