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Cell phones have become the classic actor’s nightmare. Whether they’re ringing with a call, chiming with a text, or audience members faces are lit up in the dark as they check their Facebook pages, cell phones can downright ruin a performance. It almost happened at the Off-Broadway Palm during a production of “The Savannah Sipping Society” in February. Actress M.L. Graham was in a spotlight delivering a serious, heartfelt monologue toward the end of the play when not only did a cell phone ring, the audience member answered the phone and proceeded to have a conversation at full voice. When other audience members attempted to hush him, he responded angrily, “I’m almost done!” Meanwhile, the consummate professional, ML stopped her monologue and just stood silently in her spotlight for what seemed like an eternity until the man finally got off the phone, and then continued the rest of her speech. Her standing ovation drowned out cell phones for miles around.

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