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Terry Tincher

It took him about a year and a half to grow. By the time it had reached its peak fullness, you could have rented out a small studio apartment in Terry Tincher’s goatee. More than a goatee, really, it was a sort of work of art, a larger-than-life Pop goatee, not unlike Mr. Tincher’s own outgoing personality. He’s long been a part of the Fort Myers and Southwest Florida art and social scenes, and was initially behind places like Space 39 art bar and Tincture Gallery. These days he’s a private art dealer and appraiser for works that are sold all over the world, and said he’s working on his own art project as well, about the human and social condition of banality. Although he shaved the goatee earlier this year for his daughter’s wedding, he’s now growing it back. His wife and mom didn’t care for it, but young hipsters were impressed. And we couldn’t help but notice, Mr. Tincher wore it well. “It’s something you have to own, if you know what I mean, to do it,” he said.

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