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Rep. Matt Caldwell, R, District 79

Which candidate did you vote for in the presidential election? It’s a simple and straightforward question. Either you voted for someone or you didn’t. Still, that didn’t keep politicians we posed it to from wriggling out of it any way they could. “That is a good question,” said Sen. Bobby Powel, D-District 30, as if we had just asked him why the sky is blue. He tried to clarify, without actually saying that he voted, “I made sure that I supported the Democratic candidate in every race.”

“I don’t want to answer that,” said Sen. Kathleen Passidomo, R-District 28, followed by a silence you could drive a truck through. “The reason I don’t want to answer that is I don’t want the discussion to be about who I supported in the election. What I want the discussion to be about is, we have a president; he’s our president; people who voted for him and people who didn’t vote for him should support him and help him to be successful.” Rep. Michael Grant, R-District 75, put it this way: “That’s a little personal. But I will tell you it’s not Hillary Clinton.” Yes, Rep. Grant, and the laws you make are a little personal, too.

But our favorite answer came from Rep. Matt Caldwell, who shrugged off the question like it was a bad punchline he couldn’t bring himself to say even one more time: “Yeah… come on. Let’s just skip that question for today.”

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