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Sen. Greg Steube, R, District 23

There are people who appreciate guns and then there’s Sen. Greg Steube, who went absolutely batshit gun crazy this year. He proposed a package of laws that would allow 1.7 million Florida gun owners to carry their concealed weapons into courthouses, into colleges and high schools, middle and elementary and nursery schools, into airport terminals, bars, churches, libraries, city council and county commission meetings. We could talk about allowing some licensed gun owners into a few of these places, perhaps, but angry exes in courthouses during contentious divorce hearings? Pissed off citizens at city council meetings? Drunken frat-boys and depressed students? Libraries? Is unarmed peace and co-existence a virtue we should insist on anywhere at all? And when law enforcement shows up to the scene of an actual shootout they’ll be able to easily tell the good guys from the bad guys, right? Just look for the ones wearing white hats. Or maybe, Sen. Steube, you’ve just seen “Unforgiven” one too many times. Maybe you should take off your holster, cowboy, sit down and think this over.

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